• NLIC is currently accepting new members in all membership categories.
  • Volunteers are needed to join our team. Help us make this centre a success.
  • Volunteering opportunities are available in Advisory Committee.

  • We welcome our new Directors. Faisal Aftab, Mazhar Mustafa Siddiqi, Naved Altaf, Tahir M Choudhry.

  • Jumma khutbah is held at 1:30pm throughout the year.

  • The Fund Raising Dinner was cancelled but the Fund Raising continous. Please donate generously to meet the regular running expenses of NLIC.

  • Masjid Commitee  has been formed.

  • Besides Membership we regularly collect four types of Contributions:

    1. Donations for NLIC.

    2. Zakat.

    3. Zakat-ul-Fitr, Sadaqa etc.

    4. Others (London Muslim Meal Plan)


    For the above four heads we have three separate Bank Accounts. We do not use Zakat, Sadaqa, and Fitrana for the upkeep, rent, and payment of instalments or other expenses of NLIC. The money collected under these two heads(Zakat and Sadaqa, Fitrana) are your trust with us and  will Insha Allah go to the needy  as ordained in Islamic jurisprudence.  The money collected under the head “others” will be sent to the London Muslim Meal Plan.

    In this connection we need your help we want to spend this money preferably in London Ontario or adjoining area and then in GTA. If you know someone who needs help temporarily or on permanent bases please let us know, complete privacy will be maintained and the names of the beneficiaries will not be made public and proper confidentiality will be maintained.  Remember among the needy it can be a traveller, a patient, a student or someone who has just lost his job. The time of giving Fitrana is here. Please help us in identifying the needy Jazaku Allah Khayr.


    Please send the information about the needy person to admin@nlic.ca or 519-518-1938.



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